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Dumaco: a full-service provider

Local specialists

The Dumaco brand may only have been launched five years ago, but it has already amassed 200 years’ of sheet-metal-related experience. The company’s seven sites in the Netherlands employ 700 employees and serve more than 900 customers. The good working relationship between the seven sites enables us to offer sheet-metal and tube solutions for both parts and complete sheet-metal assemblies and also the possibility of post-treatment, coating and machine post processing. We also have an entire workshop for copper processing and certifications have been obtained to demonstrate the quality of both our organization and welding services. With our seven sites providing national coverage, you can always rely on us as a local partner.

Thanks in part to our specialists – welders, benders, laser cutters, programmers and engineers – we are the Benelux’s biggest sheet metal processor. We are proud to say that we have now grown to become a one-stop-shop for every metal processing technique. Our ambition is for you to have to remember just one name for your metal processing needs and to ensure that every part counts. Our core values: the best quality, reliable delivery, sustainable and customer-centric.

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The early days

The Dumaco brand was officially launched at the 2018 ESEF. It consisted of three companies: Metaalbewerking Elmar B.V. in Montfoort, DPA Plaatwerk in Kampen and ITM metaal en TLC B.V. in ’s-Gravenpolder. By joining forces in one new company, we were able to start to offer the full range of metal-processing techniques for products ranging from table legs to blast walls. This proved a success: existing customers were happy and we gained many new customers as well. Dumaco now has seven sites spread throughout the Netherlands and is the local, trusted partner for all your tube and sheet-metal laser cutting work.

Towards a full package of services and disciplines

All our sites offer a wide range of sheet-metal processing techniques. Some also specialize in specific processing techniques. For example, tube-laser cutting, water cutting, punching, cutting, welding and machining techniques like milling and turning. So, we are able to offer you a full package of services. What if the processing technique you want is not available at your local site? Contact us and we will explore your options with you. The good working relationship between the seven sites means that Dumaco has an in-house specialist for every processing technique and type of metal. That’s Dumaco’s strength!

As a partner

With 30 laser-cutting machines, 70 press brakes and seven tube-laser cutting machines strategically divided over the seven sites, we are able to provide our customers with a full range of metal processing services. We make parts, composite products, sub-assemblies and even complete installations. We do this as a partner not as a supplier. We do this with the aim of transforming every request – however complex – into an appropriate solution.

We are happy to share our thoughts and ideas with you right from the start: in the design phase. Our size enables us to integrate into our customers’ chains and guarantees quality, speed and delivery reliability. Customers only have to deal with one supplier, for both small orders and big, more series-produced orders.




Every Part Counts

It’s important to us that every part were are asked to make counts. To achieve this, we use the very latest techniques and strive for overall synergy, an efficient process and a perfect result. We also consider the waste we produce. All waste material is separated and then presented for reuse in the chain. Every part counts and the same principle applies for our employees. As an employer, it’s important to us that our employees are safe and happy in the workplace. We put various measures in place to ensure that employees are able to rely on a safe and trusted work environment. For example, protective clothing and marking out safety lines on the work floor. We also offer employees training and opportunities for further development in the various fields. This allows them to progress and take their work to the next level. For example, a company-emergency-response or language course, a course on quality management or a course on how to program an edging robot.

Growing with care

To be able to continue to grow with our customers and provide them with the best service possible, it is important for us to continue to invest in our people, production facilities and automation. To us here at Dumaco, one of our most important pillars involves the development of a good relationship with our customers. We want to be a reliable partner that customers can count on. Reliable means doing what we say we’re going to do and ensuring that customers receive products of the quality required, as agreed and on time.

Sustainability is very important to us as well, which is why we are always exploring our reuse and circularity options. We are as economical as possible with our materials and energy. For example, a number of Dumaco’s buildings have already been fitted with solar panels with a view to meeting the energy need of the various metal processing techniques. We will add to these panels in the years ahead. Also, innovation resulting in technology that is less energy intensive and more efficient is important to us when we choose machines. For example, an energy-efficient fiber laser to replace a CO2 laser.

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