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CNC turning and milling

Applications & markets

Milling is mainly used to create complex shapes in material. Another, more supporting, application for milling is the creation of slotted holes or bevels in sheet metal. These applications are often intended for products with very precise tolerances because of the need for them to fit together. For example, press-fits, bearing-fits and moving parts.

Dumaco supplies milling work to companies in a number of markets. Several important markets are:

Machine building

General specifications

CNC turning or milling has a number of advantages over other processing techniques like laser cutting or punching. The processing technique chosen will depend on the material, material thickness and design.

Based on the most favorable design, we will determine the quantity of raw materials required and the processing technique to be used. The most favorable design will be determined on the basis of a combination of the appropriate quality, turnaround time and costs. If an organization values circularity, we always try to be economical with (raw) materials.

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What does CNC turning and milling involve?

CNC turning and milling are both machine processing techniques. They involve cutting shapes into a material (like metal, non-ferro metal or plastic) using sharp ‘tools’ in the form of blades. These blades are available in many shapes, depending on a customer’s requirements. When turning and milling, the blades move through the material with a rotating movement or the material moves past the blades.

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More precise finish

High roughness tolerances

Post-processing of welded assemblies

More complex processing technique due to the extremely high precision required

Greater flexibility in materials and setups

CNC robotic milling

Turning or milling is often used for processing techniques in which very precise tolerances are necessary. It is also used for products that have specific functional requirements, such as fixing material. Our extensive machine pool enables us to process various materials, sizes and material thicknesses.

Dumaco has a large number of milling and turning machines. During the design phase, our experts decide which machine will be most suitable for the processing required.

Each of our milling and turning machines has specific characteristics and functionalities. Our machines vary in size and power. One of our three Mazak milling machines is fully automatic. This means that is able to run 24 hours a day without any manual assistance. It is particularly suitable for bigger series production
and simple designs.