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Bending at Dumaco

Expertise combined with the most advanced press brakes and folding machines. That’s the least you can expect from Dumaco. You can rely on our experts to take good care of all your sheet-metal edging and folding work. All seven Dumaco sites have press brakes (from Oss to Kampen), so we’re local to you as well. We have more than 50 press brakes – with varying ranges – in total. This enables us to process all your (stainless) steel and aluminum sheet metal. Even sheets up to eight meters long!

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Our extensive machine pool

50+ press brakes

Toolcenters with automatic tool changers and offline programming

Various bending robots (fully automated)

Press brakes up to 6 meters long for steel

Press brake up to 8 meters long for stainless steel

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Bending or folding: what does it involve?

Bending (also called folding) involves the reshaping of metal by bending it. This processing technique follows the cutting of sheet metal. Bending permanently changes the shape of the material in question. This happens as follows: an upper punch (blade) is pressed against a lower die with a lot of force. This creates a product with a bend angle and a bend radius. Both will depend on the sheet thickness of the product and also the blade and v-groove combination used.

Markets for which we bend sheet metal include:

Machine building

The advantages of bending metal

  • No welding is necessary
  • High precision
  • Sustainable for complex products too
  • The sheet metal is strengthened
  • Neat finish (no post-processing necessary)

If you have specific wishes for your project,

contact us to find out which options we are able to offer. Our specialists are always happy to share their thoughts and ideas with you.


Bending at Dumaco in practice

Bending or folding of metal

Folding is a type of bending. This processing technique is mainly used for projects that require a high level of precision and in which design plays an important role. For example, Dumaco supplies folded products for display building, shop interiors and sanitary applications. For example, products like housing, dustbins and baking trays.

Automated folding at Dumaco

The reshaping of sheet metal requires great precision. Dumaco has the very latest production technology for this purpose: a Codatto folding machine. This machine is unique in the Netherlands and has many advantages over traditional bending. Would you like to know more about the options we are able to offer?

Download the folding whitepaper

The advantages of folding at Dumaco

Possibility to create different radius bending processes with just one setup

Automatic tool changer in machines

Extra-complex processing techniques possible

No sharp edges

No post-processing necessary

Our press brakes and folding machines

Vouwmachine: Codatto EVA 3122
  • Automatische gereedschapswissel
  • Lasergestuurde hoekcorrectie
  • 13-assig: meerdere vouwbewerkingen in één handeling mogelijk
  • Lengtes tot 3 meter voor staal, RVS en aluminium
Kantbank: LVD Toolcell
  • Offline programmeren mogelijk
  • Geen handmatige gereedschapswissel nodig
  • Werksnelheid tot 21 mm/sec
  • Plooinauwkeurigheid tot 0.3 graden
Kantbanken: Safan/Darley
  • Capaciteit van wel 1200 ton
  • Bewerkingen tot 8 meter