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Post-treating your stainless-steel products

A number of Dumaco sites are able to post-treat your metal products. We can shot-peen or pickle stainless-steel products. This page provides more information about this processing technique. We can powder-coat any product too. Our post-treatments will restore your stainless-steel products to their original, perfect condition and extend their use for many years.

Shot peening or pickling at Dumaco

Dumaco offers both a shot peening and pickling service. Shot peening is done in a blast cabinet. This cabinet is set up for use by two employees at the same time. When using the pickling process, the product is immersed in an acid bath. These pickling baths measure 6500 x 2500 x 2500 mm, so are big enough to fit almost every product.

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Shot peening

Shot peening is a processing technique that is used for stainless-steel products. This technique involves spraying a product with ceramic grain. The oxide layer is removed, as well as any weld discoloration. Shot peening is the last step in this processing technique. It is preceded by other processing techniques. For example, welding or cutting. They compromise the protective layer. Shot peening restores this layer. So, shot peening is the equivalent of applying a layer of paint or varnish to other types of material (wood, for example). This post-treatment improves the quality and life span of the product. This is why we will always advise you to have a metal product finished.

Applications for shot peening

Shot peening is a type of post-processing technique that is used on stainless-steel or aluminum (welded) products. It’s a type of processing technique that is used widely. Shot peening minimizes dirt adhesion to a product. Because of this, shot peening is compulsory in the food industry, amongst others.

The advantages of shot peening

  • Beautiful smooth, mat, stainless-steel finish
  • Scratches and scuff marks no longer visible
  • Stainless-steel oxide layer is restored via passivation
  • Product quality improves after treatment


Pickling is a processing technique that is used for stainless-steel products. It involves the thorough cleaning of a surface. The product in question is immersed in an acid bath. Pickling takes several hours to a day, depending on the product. The acid bath removes the oxide layer. This prevents rust formation. Once treated, the stainless steel is cleaned with high-pressure, cold water. This causes the material to react to oxygen and the corrosion-resistant top layer is able to grow back. Passivation is a natural process that usually takes 48 hours to complete.  This time is reduced to just 30 minutes by placing a product in a chemical pickling bath and cleaning it under high pressure. After the pickling process, the stainless-steel layer will have been restored and the material will have the protection it needs.

Pickling applications

Pickling is a recommended processing technique for all your stainless steel (welded) products. It can be used for all kinds of product, ranging from car parts to machines. The pickling processing technique is used on products in markets including the automotive, sanitary and infrastructure markets.

The advantages of pickling

  • Removes both weld discoloration and other contamination
  • Provides optimal protection against rust
  • Stainless-steel oxide layer is restored via passivation
  • Product quality improves after treatment