Laser cutting at Dumaco

Every Dumaco site has a large number of laser cutting machines to handle all your sheet metal processing. This enables us to guarantee short delivery times and consistent quality. Everything starts with laser cutting at Dumaco! Spread over seven sites, we have 28 lasers that are used to laser-cut sheet metal, pipes and tubes. We also have the very latest high-quality Bystronic and Trumpf machines with maximum outputs of 8 KW.

Sites throughout the Netherlands

Our seven automation departments work closely with each other to ensure that all our sites have the right products in stock. Dumaco Woerden exclusively processes stainless steel, with sheet sizes up to 8 x 2.5 meters. Dumaco ‘s-Gravenpolder specializes in automation. The laser cutting machines there are stocked automatically by a STOPA warehouse. After cutting, the products are returned to the warehouse. This means that we can laser-cut for you 24 hours a day. Tube laser cutting is possible as well.  We are able to cut and bend sheet-metal lengths up to 6 meters at our sites in Oss and Varsseveld.

Our machines and software

You can submit various types of drawing files to us. With your drawing as the basis, we use our modern software to create the most efficient cutting program possible. This ensures that parts are divided optimally on the sheet metal: otherwise known as ‘nesting’. This limits waste and makes the process sustainable. Waste material is always separated and returned to the producers. This ensures that nothing is wasted.

Our laser cutting machines:

  • 28 cutting machines
  • 15 machines to process sheet sizes of 3 x 1.5 meters
  • 2 machines to process sheet sizes of 4 x 2 meters
  • 2 machines to process sheet sizes of 6 x 2 meters
  • 1 machine to process sheet sizes of 8 x 2.5 meters (stainless steel)
  • 8 tube lasers

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Advantages of laser cutting at Dumaco

Dumaco consistently delivers a high-quality result. This is because we always work exclusively with high-quality machines. By investing in the very latest technology, we can laser-cut efficiently for you and also reduce the amount of energy we use in the process. So, that benefits you – the customer – and the environment too.

From design to post-processing

Our experts support you throughout the process. We work with you to optimize the design. Laser cutting is often carried out in combination with another processing technique: post-processing, for example. We offer a number of post-processing techniques, including powder coating, shot peening and pickling. This enables us to provide you with the full range of sheet-metal processing services.

The advantages at a glance

High cutting speed

High efficiency and limited cutting loss

Automated process

Production possible 24 hours a day

Minimal deformation of material due to minimal heat input

Neat cutting edge

Laser cutting

Applications & markets

Lasersnijden wordt ingezet voor uiteenlopende projecten. Dumaco levert onderdelen en halffabricaten (subassemblies), die weer onderdeel uitmaken van een compleet (eind)product. Wij combineren lasersnijtechnologie met andere in-house bewerkingen zoals CNC frezen, (robot)lassen, kanten/zetten, coaten en assemblage. Het voordeel hiervan? Wij zijn in staat om te integreren binnen de productieketen van onze opdrachtgevers. Daardoor kan Dumaco simpelweg een completer product leveren dan de meeste traditionele plaatbewerkers. Samen met u bepalen we welk deel van de productie we voor u verzorgen. Van vlak snijwerk tot compleet eindproduct.

Onze opdrachtgevers bevinden zich in diverse markten, zoals:

Machine building

Laser cutting for all materials

Dumaco keeps a substantial number of materials in stock. This enables us to complete customers’ orders quickly. If we don’t have a certain type of sheet metal in stock, we can often source it in just one day. We are always happy to advise you – by phone or e-mail – on the expensive options we are able to offer.

Always in stock at Dumaco

  • All standard sheet thicknesses of various steels, including S235, S355, S690 and 700 MC
  • All common materials in stainless steel 304 and 316, aluminum and copper
  • Treated materials like Sendizimier galvanized, Zinkor, polished K320 & K240, brushed sheets, BA, rigidized and duplex

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting involves the use of an electromagnetic radiation source to emit in the form of an intense laser beam. Sharp edges on the cut products can be avoided by correctly setting the cutting parameters, speeds and outputs, combined with the right cutting gas (oxygen or nitrogen). The laser beam is relatively thin: approx. 0.2 mm. This means that there is barely any heat generation and relatively small holes can be cut. It is even possible to cut the core diameter of a screw.

The flexibility of the laser ensures that sheet metal can be cut to any shape required. The laser cutting machines are also able to run automatically 24 hours a day. Most of our laser cutting machines are linked to sheet-metal warehouses and are highly automated. These warehouses also pave the way for effective stock management due to links with warehouse software.

Two different processing techniques

Dumaco uses two different processing techniques. We decide which laser cutting machine to use based on the material to be cut and the wishes of the customer in question. Our specialists are always happy to discuss the all the possibilities laser cutting has to offer with you.

  1. CO2 lasers: this technique involves the use of mirrors to direct the laser beam. When it reaches the cutting head, light is focused into a pyramidal cutting tip.
  2. Fiber laser: this is the very latest technology. The laser is directed to the cutting head via a fiber optic cable designed specifically for this purpose The intensity results in a higher speed and lower heat input when cutting thin steel and stainless steel. Copper, brass and aluminum can be cut with the fiber laser as well. A fiber laser uses significantly less energy, which makes it more sustainable too. Added to this, a fiber laser has fewer sensitive parts. As a result, this type of laser needs less maintenance, is less susceptible to failure and, because of this, more reliable.