Deburring and edge chamfering at Dumaco

An optimal cutting process will result in virtually no burrs. However, there may be some spatter and/or burrs eon the underside of the sheet metal. At Dumaco, we can debur, edge-chamfer and rotofinishing your sheet metal for you.


Deburring ensures that all your products are spatter and burr-free. After deburring, the edges of the sheet metal will still be sharp. Both manual and machine deburring are possible.

Edge chamfering

Dumaco can also chamfer the edges of sheet metal for you. This is an extra process, which machine-chamfers the sharp edges of sheet metal. We use our brushing machines for this purpose. They remove burrs, contamination and sharp edges as well. Sheet metal feels smooth afterwards. Single and double-sided edge chamfering are possible.

At Dumaco, we process (stainless) steel products on various machines to eliminate the risk of contamination. Our customers often opt to have the edges of steel products chamfered in combination with post-treatment. The post-treatment technique is used on stainless-steel products to avoid any chance of sharp edges cutting professionals who are working in a damp environment. This makes the product a lot safer for the employees of our customers.


We use tumbling to chamfer the edges of small stainless-steel parts. Dumaco has various tumbler machines.

The advantages of deburring, edge chamfering and tumbling

A good end result is always guaranteed

There are no sharp edges, making the product safer and easier to handle

Ready for any further post-processing necessary straight away

Consistent quality

We can process all parts, however big or small

Dumaco offers both processing and post-processing under just one roof

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Machine in the spotlight: Timesavers Grindingmaster

Since 2018, Dumaco Oss has been using two Timesavers Grindingmasters as deburring machines. They enable us to carry out all the processing necessary on laser-cut sheet metal. With a working width of up to 1500 mm, wider sheets can be processed as well.

The big advantages of these machines is that they are fully automatic. This means that production is of a high standard, efficient and excellent quality is always guaranteed. In other words, you save both time and money. What’s more, you achieve a significant improvement in the quality and precision of your products. This machine also enables us to offer you a flexible production process.

Our machines

Dumaco uses a wide range of machines for sheet-metal finishing jobs. For example, processing techniques like edge chamfering, tumbling, grain grinding and mill-scale removal. Different specialist machines are used for different materials (aluminum and (stainless) steel). Dumaco also has several machines that can be used to process a number of different materials. The machines are divided over various Dumaco sites. Dumaco uses machines supplied by leading machine brands like Timesavers, Lissmac, Costa, Rossler, Qfin and Steelmaster.