Rolling your stainless-steel products

A number of Dumaco sites are able to roll your metal products for you. This page provides more information about this processing technique. Rolling enables you to easily change the shape of sheet metal. For example, a round, oval or corrugated shape. Or perhaps you’re interested in conical rolling – to create a funnel, for example? That’s possible too.

As you can see, rolling is a handy and very versatile processing technique. For a finished end product, rolling is easy to combine with laser cutting. This is possible for sizes up to 8 x 2.5 meters. The big advantage of this method is that everything is produced from just one sheet. So, without any extra welding. The result: a better quality product.


Rolling at Dumaco

Dumaco has a number of rolling machines. This enables us to roll all your sheet metal. No project is too big for us! We can roll sheets up to 3000 mm wide and 10 mm thick. Our biggest roller has four rollers and is CNC-controlled. It has a top roller of 270 mm and a reach of 3 meters wide.  This allows our experts to roll big objects with high precision and speed. Our machines have thick rollers that measure 120, 150 and 270 mm. So, a customized product is always possible at Dumaco!

Our rollers are regularly used to create the following products (and parts) amongst others:

Filter installations

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How does rolling work?

Rolling is done on advanced rolling machines. This processing technique involves the following steps:

  1. Pre-bending. The sheet ends are bent to avoid the hull having flat ends.
  2. Rolling. Our experts process the sheets on the basis of the radius specified by the customer.
  3. Bonding. The hull sections are welded together.
  4. Skin-passing. This post-processing technique ensures the product delivered is of a very high quality.


The advantages of rolling at Dumaco

Customization is always an option

Suitable for all kinds of material (aluminum, (stainless) steel and other types of metal)

Up to widths of 3000 mm and thicknesses of 10 mm

High speed and reproducibility