Dumaco’s-Gravenpolder develops fire suppression solution for electric cars.

Dumaco is working on many great projects, one of which is the development of the so-called “battery fire cooler.” With this handy tool, electric cars can be extinguished more easily. This is necessary because there are increasingly more electric cars on the road. These cars are more difficult to extinguish than “regular” cars because firefighters often struggle to access the battery pack in an electric car. With the battery fire cooler, this is a thing of the past. Dumaco’s-Gravenpolder is proud to have contributed to this great invention!

From sketch to reality

The inventor of the battery fire cooler is firefighter René Verboom from Zierikzee. Based on his own experience, he noticed the difficulty in extinguishing electric cars, which often lead to accidents. That’s why the idea for this new firefighting method was born. Verboom first made a sketch of the battery fire cooler, which is a kind of firefighting device that can be slid underneath a vehicle. Through the bottom, the battery pack can be cooled. Verboom then took his sketch to Dumaco’s-Gravenpolder. The experts at Dumaco turned this sketch into a reality. Here is the result below!

Specialist in laser cutting

Dumaco’s-Gravenpolder specializes in laser cutting various sheet materials. This battery fire cooler is a prime example of the expertise and versatility of our skilled professionals. In addition, we are working on many other exciting projects. Interested? Feel free to get in touch with us!