Dumaco is a Dutch company that has both feet firmly on the ground – which could be the marine clay in Zeeland or the sandy soil in Varsseveld. The company is down to earth, local and located in the heart of the community. We’ve got big ambitions too, particularly where sustainability is concerned. Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA. We base this on three pillars. As a company, we are socially engaged, environmentallyaware and socially responsible. Because success isn’t something we can achieve alone. It also requires the involvement of employees, the local community and the environment around us. Customers benefit too. Because that’s our main goal – of course: to consistently deliver top-quality products. As the Benelux’s biggest sheet metal processor, we are proud to be able to achieve this goal on the basis of a sustainable approach.

Socially: safe and engaged

As an employer, safety is key to us. We want our employees to be able to work safely and happily at all times. We achieve this via a number of very concrete measures. For example, safety lines and specific lanes for forklift trucks. But that’s not all. A physiotherapist shows our people how to lift properly and also the right working posture for every job.

Employees always wear protective clothing as well. This ensures they are able to work safely and without injury. Each site has a health and safety coordinator too.

Our metal processing operations

The environment: towards a circular model

We’re all responsible for the environment. Sustainability is not a trend but a necessity. As the Benelux’s biggest sheet metal processor, we like to set a good example for others. We are doing this by incorporating reuse, circularity and sustainability into all our daily work processes. All of this is enabling us as a company to expand responsibly. We call this ‘growing with care’.

Reusable materials and raw materials

All products start with material. At Dumaco, we always try to be economical with material (stainless steel and copper, for example). After cutting, we separate these materials and then melt them for reuse. This makes sure that nothing is wasted. Another important advantage of reuse: significantly less CO2 is used for reused materials than for new materials. Our production process is very sustainable as a result.

Green energy

Metal processing is very energy intensive. That’s just a fact. However, we can decide how this energy is generated. Here at Dumaco it has to be green! We have installed solar panels on a number of Dumaco buildings to generate some of the energy required. In the years ahead, we will add more panels to enable us to generate most of the energy we need ourselves. We also value innovation and are switching to less energy-intensive, more efficient machines. For example: energy-efficient fiber lasers in replacement of CO2 lasers. Also, a big percentage of the vehicles in our fleet are already electric and this percentage is only set to increase. A specific goal for 2025 is to achieve an energy efficiency of 30% Mwh/cost of added value.

Society: engaged with the local community

Our local presence puts us at the heart of communities. Where we can see what is happening in them. As a company, we commit ourselves to these communities. We give people in them the opportunity to do traineeships and recruit individuals who are finding it difficult to gain employment.

We also have a lot of contact with schools. We give school students the opportunity to develop skills in an engineering environment. Last but not least, we support local organizations. As a company, we’re a product of our environment. So, we’re proud to be able to give something back to the community.

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